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  I didn't get my powers from usual means I was not bestowed my powers by God  several visions and feelings I was led down the path to becoming the ultimate God-like being  Or  this was done through an energetic program audio and subliminal and meditation  I worked on  the affirmations for 8 years but let's jump forward to how I felt and how I gained the powers  July 8th, 2021 I started feeling a minor discomfort throughout my body I knew what it was due to my many abilities what type of going to teach hit it was my cells and DNA transforming this lasted the whole day I'm very into the affirmations   Saiyan DNA  Asgardian  DNA  otsutsuki DNA As well as hashirama cells and the cells of the sage of the six paths Eternal DNA Eternal cells  I also possess an ability that granted me the genetic structure of every character into  God in existence or animal if I desired the ability is called Omni-Genetic Archiving Which allow me to access all of the Granted structures in existence

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